Monday, September 18, 2017

Disrupting the Market: The InsurTech Captive Revolution

Captive owners are already experts in stripping the insurance transaction of all unnecessary expense.
When we talk about “market disruption,” captives have been on the forefront of that for thirty years.
However, when it comes to the innovative ways to change even more about the way insurance products and services are delivered...namely, the InsurTech Revolution...captives are expected to be on the forefront of this innovation, revolution, and change.
This is a good time to register for the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association 2017 Collaborative on Captive Insurance, because the Collaborative will be an interactive and open forum on this subject, and attendees will get cutting edge information about:
What is InsurTech?  How does it work?  How is it expected to change the future?  
What can captives learn from commercial insurance market innovation and investment initiatives?  
What will the captive insurance transaction of the future look like, and how will captive owners meet the internal challenges of managing risk in a world dominated by "virtual insurance"? 
Click here to register for the CCIA 2017 Collaborative on Captive Insurance; or here to learn more about how you can become part of the dialogue.

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