Sunday, October 8, 2017

Dialogue, Debate, Disruption: Incubating the Captive of the Future

We want to hear from you about what the captive of the future will look like.  

We want to provoke a dialogue, a debate, and a disruption...we want you to tell us what the future holds for alternative risk transfer. We want your thoughts to count.

This is a good time to register for the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association's 2017 Collaborative on Captive Insurance, because the Collaborative will be an interactive and open forum on this subject, and attendees will get cutting edge information about:

Is a cryptocurrency on your horizon?...accepting captive premiums and paying captive claims through the InsurTech window
Who’s ahead of the curve on innovation? captives and the commercial market will forge new partnerships as the world’s insurance needs change
Insuring your customers, partners, third party business in captives the future of the captive movement?
Announcing “CHIINS”...the Connecticut Hub for Innovation in Insurance
Click here to register for the CCIA 2017 Collaborative on Captive Insurance; or here to learn more about how you can become part of the dialogue.

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